The chart above shows all of the letters in the phonetic alphabet.  The phonetic alphabet is what speech and language pathologists use to transcribe what a child says and how they say it.  It is very helpful in assessing articulation issues…..and I have found that it helps me to better understand why a child is producing a word incorrectly…and how I can better help them. 

Using the phonetic alphabet, to me, would make spelling and reading so much easier on children. For example in phonetics there is no letter C. So if you were going to spell the word: cat, it would start with the letter K. And if you were going to spell:city, it would start with an S.

In the speech and language world we write words using the phonetic alphabet….which if English was written this way-it would make it much easier on so many of us…..well I have been using the phonetic alphabet since I was in graduate school back in 1991…… and now I can not spell very well…..so if you see typos….spelling errors….and a word that I really destroyed while typing…..I apologize in advance.

It is bound to happen I am sure…….my brain, now, sometimes can only spell using the phonetic alphabet.

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