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Early language in infants

    ~Katie Lilla and Julia Seraphina~   My Katie…and Julia..in the adorable picture above. Katie was lucky enough to spend Friday night with Julia…her incredible mama and my very dear friend…Catherine…and Julia’s amazing Daddy….Kris. Katie had such a wonderful time…and … Continue reading

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What is object permanence?

      Object permanence is your little one’s ability to realize that objects exist even when the object is not seen or heard.  For little ones under six months of age….games such as peek-a-boo can be very exciting and motivating…because as … Continue reading

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How to talk to your baby

  http://click.discountclick.com/go/click.php?tid=791072 Even when you baby is first born…..as seen below….the picture of my beautiful niece, Gianna……you can begin to enhance expressive language development.  When your infant is awake…alert and responsive….talk to her.  Be sure to use a sing-song voice….changing … Continue reading

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