The information contained on this blog is for information purposes only, and may not apply to your situation.  The author does not provide warranty about the content enclosed.  All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content or accuracy.  The speech mama was developed by myself, Kimberly Marino, in order to share information about speech and language development as well as speech and language therapy.  My goal is to help you help your little one become a better communicator.  The information on this blog should not be used in-lieu of the trained and licensed speech and language pathologist that may be working with your child.  Rather the speech mama should be used as a resource for you and your little one.  As a practicing speech and language pathologist since 1993 I have vast experience in many areas of speech and language development, diagnostic assessment and treatment.  My hope is that this blog becomes a resource for you, your child’s therapy plan and to other therapists that are looking to share information.

The information on this blog may be printed and shared, however, credit must be given to the owner of this blog: the speech mama/Kimberly Marino MA,CCC,SLP,TSHH,N-6

Remember when looking for a speech and language pathologist… www.asha.org is a great resource.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Speech Mama,
    I use your wonderful ideas in my classroom daily as well as with my own children at home. Thanks for all you do!

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