Is being a mother worth it?



Sometimes…on the tough days…I wish I had fish instead of my four beautiful children…it is usually on the days that my heart is aching for one of them…whether it be a broken heart….a dissappointed soccer player…my little man crying because he has an orbital migrane…or…like yesterday…wishing for fish because my Andrew struck out three times at his baseball game Thursday night…and then someone told him he was pathetic at baseball…and as he was sobbing in my arms…and I knew I could not make the emotional pain go away…I fixed all of the other things…but not the emotional pain he felt as he was crying in my arms…I was wishing for fish (my friend V understands this need for fish at times…being a mama is and can be an emotional challenge)…..I told my Andrew yesterday…what he feels…his sadness…I feel it too…I feel the same in my heart…..he looked at me a little confused…and said:

“Really ma?”

Really Andrew

So my goal for yesterday was to make my boy happy…somehow.  Anything to put a smile on his beautiful face.  But the task of making Andrew happy was not meant for me to do I guess.  It was intended for my 15-year-old son….how amazing he is….I don’t think that God saved his mold when he created him…because I really have not met someone as caring and kind as my Zach.  He has compassion for everyone….even those he does not know..and he always rises to the occasion…and somehow eases the pain…Zach is just a good soul…and I am thankful for him. 

So…..thank you to Zach for helping Andrew….read more below about a very atypical 15-year-old boy….not sure most boys opt to be so good to their younger brother…and choose family over friends quite frequently….just doesn’t seem to me to be an attribute of a 15-year-old.

Yesterday….Zach had is weekly hockey game….he plays hockey with a bunch of his friends…they play in our town…at the end of someone’s block…in a court…and they call the league: “Dead End Hockey“….pretty cute.

Andrew always wants to watch Zach play hockey…well actually Andrew wants to do anything that Zach does…and he wants to be with Zach all of the time…despite the 4 1/2 year difference..they are very close…and Zach of course is so good to him.

Well…Zach said to me…”I think Drew should be spending more time with me…..he should come to my game…I don’t want him to be sad about baseball.”  So Andrew not only went to the Dead End Hockey game…he played….for about three hours they played Dead End Hockey…in the sun…and then in the rain….and then in the sun some more. 

I picked them up…we went to the store…and they picked out snacks, drinks, dough-nuts, more snacks, soda…a movie…and when we got home…Zach said to my Andrew: “Why don’t you sleep over in my room tonight…we will watch a movie..and hang out together.”  So Andrew slept in Zach’s room…and when he woke up today…he said to me:

“Yesterday was the greatest day of my life.”

So…yup….again I must say that being a mother is worth it…despite the need for fish at times….it’s all worth it.  And even though…for the first year of my Zach’s life he cried and cried and cried (read about him under A Rock Star)-crying due to gastro-esophageal-reflux disease……every second of the crying was worth it….Zach teaches us everyday about compassion, giving, less taking, needing verses wanting….and being a good soul….I always tell my guy..that’s what I call him..that he is good for my soul….Zach is too…good for your soul.








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3 Responses to Is being a mother worth it?

  1. Grandma says:

    Just read your beautiful tribute to my beautiful grandson Zach. He kindness makes me cry not out of sadness but with pride to know and love him. Fish would never make you feel that. Motherhood is a blessing and you my dear Kimberly have been blessed.

  2. Jen says:

    We all need a Zachary in our lives. I am just so blessed that he is my nephew

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