Coping with being a working mama


Mother’s Day Tea….Jo and Me

At the best preschool on Long Island:

~Harbor View Nursery School~

Port Jefferson, New York


How lucky I was today to share a very special day with my beautiful niece, Jolene.  My sister Jen is back to work after being on maternity leave with her third baby…and she could not attend…yeah for me!….but sad for her.  Being a working mama is not easy…not easy when you are missing your little ones at home…despite them being with grandparents and people who love them like family….it is the heart of the working mama that feels like it is broken.

But it is the little things that we do for them…that remind our little ones how much we love them despite not being with them.  Jen put a note in Jolene’s lunch bag…and when she opened it…Jolene had the sweetest smile on her face…and as I read it to her: I love Jolene!….she said: “That’s from my mommy!“.  So even though Jen was working….Jolene still felt her energy…her love and she knows how much her mama loves her.  Our children are resilant…it is the mamas often that are not.

But we do those little things…notes in their lunch boxes (although I put a silly note in my 15 year old’s lunch about a month ago….it just said: Here are extra snacks to enjoy with your friends.  Love you, Mama…he said that he threw it out before anyone could see)… the mama though…no matter how old they are…they are still our babies.

I told Jen that my youngest equates all time in reference to episodes of Sponge Bob-so I help her to manage through her work day…sending her texts telling her how many episodes of Sponge Bob are left until she is home with her little ones.

During the summer…if I leave before they are up…I leave my rug-rats…and I say that with total love…a note on the counter in the kitchen…with a special snack picked out.

And I plan stuff…letting them know…at the end of the week what we are going to do together as a family.  Tonight Katie and I will go food shopping and make a bacon and cheddar Quiche for mother’s day breakfast…tomorrow my Gregory and Andrew want Grumpy Jack wings (the best wings ever!)….and my Zach…well he’s the totally compliant, non-complainer, easy-going, rule follower kid there is…so he will just be happy being with all of us…pretty amazing for a 15-year-old.

So…even though managing working and all of the aspects of life is a challenge for the mama…we push forward..with the love and support from family and friends…and I am so thankful that today I was able to give back to my little sister….for all that she has done for me…and enjoy the very special day with my niece…and to see how much Jolene loves her mama…as she carefully places Jen’s mother’s day gifts in her tote bag…reminding me that they are for her mommy….and that she will give them to her on mother’s day…and how excited she was about the gifts…and that she knew her mommy would love them.

I am thankful I could share today with Jo.

It’s 1:30 Jen….10 episodes of Sponge Bob left!

Happy Mother’s Day.








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2 Responses to Coping with being a working mama

  1. Jen says:

    And did you know that Jolene was wearing a shirt today that Katie gave her. Jolene said this morning, “This is the perfect shirt to wear today because Aunt Kim is coming to my school and I have Katie’s shirt on and I also look A LOT like her” 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    You write so well…from the heart. Thank you for being with my daughter today and loving her so much. She had such a wonderful day, thanks to you.

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