How to teach your child to understand and use ING in words

This post is specifically in reference to teaching your child how to understand and use (say) ING in words.  ING in words is called the present progressive…it is an action verb.  Sometimes little ones will delete the end of the verb when trying to describe the action.  So you may hear your little one say EAT instead of EATING….however, she actually intended to say EATING.  So this post is to help you help your little one to understand and be able to say the present progressive. 

You can either print this post below….or click on this link to print the worksheet (it may be easier to print the worksheet from the link): ing



You can use the worksheet as a receptive task, initially….this will make the language demands less challenging.  For example show her two of the pictures and say: Show me sleeping.  See if your little one can find the picture of my beautiful niece, Gianna, sleeping.   Show her two more and ask: Show me eating

Now you can make this receptive task more challenging by adding the pronoun to the sentence.  Pronouns are challenging for little ones….so when she is ready you may ask her a question such as: Show me she is sitting…or Show me they are eating.  Using two pictures at first for this receptive task….and then increasing the complexity by adding another picture…eventually you can show your little one all eleven pictures at one time.

After you have introduced your little one as indicated above… try to see if she is able to expressively use the ING words in her spontaneous speech.  So you can show her a picture of my Gregory eating or my Katie swimming….and say: What is she doingWhat is he doing?

Often times when I am testing little ones….and I say: Show me sleeping….parents will say: “She doesn’t know the word sleeping yet….but if you say night-night…she will point to the baby sleeping”.  Well….that would be giving the answer away….because the goal is for your little one to understand and use the ING in words.  If I say night-night…then I am not targeting my goal: teaching your little one to understand and use action words/verbs.

I hope this was helpful…please post with any questions!

And remember to have fun with your little one or big one!





     She is sleeping.




  He is cleaning. 




He is smiling.




  They are hugging. 



  He is smiling. 



   He is eating. 




  She is swimming. 




 They are eating.




   He is sitting. 




  She is sitting. 




 He is standing.  

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