What to make for dinner?!


Home-made pizza…well I do not make the dough…but otherwise home-made to me…..this is one of my kids favorites…it is soo easy to make.  I do not use the brand listed above in the picture…but could not find the brand I buy at Stop and Shop…and I also can not remember the name of the brand…because if I do not write down what I need to remember..it is lost and forgotten…that is why I have invested in sticky notes…I have them in my pocket-book…..by the way….on a side note…the friend from France that I met over the summer…through my sister-in-law-to-be-I-hope-because-I-love-her-and-she-is-coming-for-dinner-tonight-yea!.…anyway…her cousin….Flo……she wanted to know why we call a pocket-book a pocket-book….she thought it was the silliest thing she had ever heard….and I thought…you know what Flo…you’re right…why the heck is it a pocket-book….it’s not small like a pocket is….well mine isn’t…mine’s a blingy hobo bag….that’s what it’s called actually….so it’s not small….like the size of a pocket….and I don’t keep books in it….so what the heck?!….does anyone know!….lol.

Okay…how did I get here…oh…yes..the sticky notes…well I keep them all over…in my pocket book…in my car…in every drawer in the kitchen…right now next to me on my desk as I am typing….lol…..I need sticky notes to remember all of the important tasks and responsibilities I have in my life.




As I said….I do not remember the type of pizza dough I use…but it is fresh not frozen…in the dairy section in my supermarket.  I buy the whole wheat and the white…my kids like both.

One can of sauce…I buy whatever is on sale…usually the plain Hunt’s sauce in a can.

Shredded mozzarella cheese


Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees

Spread the dough on a circular baking sheet with holes in it….I cover the pan with a little olive oil so that it does not stick.


Cover with desired amount of sauce

Top with desired amount of cheese

Bake for about 20 minutes.


By the way….I would like mine best with freshly sliced mushrooms and sliced black olives…but no-one else would like in my family.  You can top with pepperoni…bacon….chicken…ham….sausauge…anchovies…but why would you!…extra cheese…onions…garlic…..



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My name is Kim Marino and I have been practicing as a licensed speech and language pathologist since 1993. I work on Long Island providing diagnostic evaluations and services to children from birth to age 21. My experience is vast and am proud to say that I work with children that may present with articulation and phonological concerns, oral motor feeding concerns, Down Syndrome feeding, cognitive rehabilitation, auditory processing delays, receptive language delays, cleft palate feeding and sound development and expressive language delays. Most importantly, I am the mother of four amazing children and am happily married to my childhood sweetheart. I feel blessed to have my four children and so lucky to share this journey in life with my husband. I always had it somewhere in my head that I wanted to develop a blog or a website of some sort so that I could provide families with an additional resource....so that parents could help their little ones become a better communicator. And as I was developing this blog....I realized that I also needed to share the stories about my life and my children....and the funny things along the way that help to keep me smiling. Whether you are a working mother or not...finding balance between home, children and life can be a challenge....I hope that my blog helps to bring a smile to your face..and also some tools to help you help your little or big one. I hope you enjoy! Kim
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2 Responses to What to make for dinner?!

  1. Kim says:

    So true Jen. Miss u!

  2. Jen says:

    So funny…when I studied in England for that semester, my friends there thought it was the funniest thing that I called my purse a “pocket book” and after thinking about it I realized that it really didn’t make sense that we call it a “pocket book”. Since my experience in England, I now often call it my bag or my purse

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