How to teach Honey Bear Straw Drinking in Children with Down Syndrome-Technique #2

Thank you once again to Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson for sharing her amazing strategies to teach tongue retraction and lip protrusion….learning the dissociative movements that have to occur between the lips and the tongue….this means that the lips and the tongue move independently of one another.  I have been taking classes offered through and have learned an incredible amount of information about oral motor feeding specific to children with Down Syndrome.


Honey Bear Straw Drinking-Technique #2-This technique is used if the child has significant tongue protrusion when attempting Technique #1 and cannot draw liquid through the straw. 

1. Pull the tip of the straw through the hole in the Honey Bear lid until a 1 inch length extends from the top of the lid opening.  Use the palm of your non-dominant hand to support the client’s jaw as you implement the following technique.

2. Place the 1 inch length of the straw on the surface of the child’s tongue at midline.  You may assist in lip rounding by squeezing her cheeks. 

3. Squeeze a small amount of the liquid into the child’s mouth and remove the straw.  Continue to support the jaw and assist in lip closure if necessary.

4. Repeat this task three times at the beginning of each liquid-fed activity.  This should be done 1-3 times per day.  As skills improve reduce the amount of assistance. 

5.Once the child is able to draw 2 ounces of liquid independently through the Honey Bear at the one inch length, reduce the exposed straw to 3/4 of an inch, and repeat the technique as described.  The shorter length of the straw requires the back of the tongue to work harder to draw the liquid through it, this encourages tongue retraction.

6.Once she can draw 2 ounces independently, reduce the exposed length to 1/2 and repeat the technique.

7. Once the child can draw four ounces of the liquid on her own at the 1/2 inch length (which is technique number 1)…introduce the talk tools straw drinking hierarchy.

Goals: jaw stability, lip rounding and tongue retraction


Hope this was helpful….I will post about the third Honey Bear technique.

Be sure to go to for the Honey Bear and the Straw Kit.

Hope this was helpful!



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