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Tip of the day!

    Throw out the sippy cups and straw sippy cups with inserts in them…the valve that prevents them from leaking….why?  Because these cups promote a forward tongue movement when drinking…which is something we do NOT want.  Especially if your child presents … Continue reading

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How to help your child eat better.

  KIDS EAT WELL IF THEY CAN! That has now become my new phrase….I sort of coined it from Dr. Ross Greene’s phrase: Kids do well if they can….on a side note….Dr. Greene is incredible…and has much to offer parents of … Continue reading

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Your child’s speech intelligibility

HOW CLEAR SHOULD YOUR CHILD’S SPEECH BE?? This chart provides information regarding your little one’s clarity of speech….specifically… how well should your little one’s speech be at 18 months of age…at two years of age…at three years of age…and at … Continue reading

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How to teach your child to understand and use ING in words

This post is specifically in reference to teaching your child how to understand and use (say) ING in words.  ING in words is called the present progressive…it is an action verb.  Sometimes little ones will delete the end of the verb when … Continue reading

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What to make for dinner?!

  HOME-MADE PIZZA Home-made pizza…well I do not make the dough…but otherwise home-made to me…..this is one of my kids favorites…it is soo easy to make.  I do not use the brand listed above in the picture…but could not find … Continue reading

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How to improve your child’s eye contact.

My Gregory…..out to dinner…..he got some bling from El Dorado!   My Gregory, obviously wears glasses…….he is cortically blind in one eye…and we patch his left eye three hours a day to help to improve the strength in his right…he … Continue reading

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How to teach the S sound when in a cluster?

Thank you to my friend on FB for allowing me to post her question and my answer…I hope this is helpful:   QUESTION: Hi Kim. How are you? I have a question. My daughter is a real talker…sounds a lot … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day!

TIP OF THE DAY! My Katie can talk…..and talk…and talk….and talk….she has so much to say and share with us… day of few months ago……we joked with her and asked if it was possible for her to NOT talk for five … Continue reading

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What is true friendship?

    This post goes out to a new friend of mine…however……I feel like I have known her forever.  She may not know it…but I am not good at making new friends……even though I speak for a living…well I try … Continue reading

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Worth it….

       Not sure if anybody knows the band THE DROPKICK MURPHYS….and their song FOREVER…it really is pretty….the words…not sure if you would like the genre…but Greg and I happen to love them….anyway on the weeks we tag team … Continue reading

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