Making new friends…..

You can not force friendship on adults…and chidren even more so.  As parents we try so hard to initiate “play-dates“….not like back in the day when we all played outside until our parents called us in for dinner…and in the summer…called us in for lunch…dinner and then bed.  We were always outside….playing….no organized “play-dates“. 

When my children were younger…I didn’t really care for the play-date thing…it kinda felt organized and fake.  Sometimes you liked the other kid…somtimes he was annoying…sometimes the mommy was someone you had absolutely nothing at all in common with..and sometimes you sat there hoping for the “play-date” to be over……oh I really hated those play-dates…..and I guess that’s just me….I have always been more of a homebody….content being at home with my children and my guy…..I guess I was never meant to be the “play-date” type…..LOL

So now as my children are a little bit older…and they are developing their own “real” friendships based upon likenesses and compatability…and interests….and genuine friendship….I am so happy to be out of the “play-date” phase of my life…..I was never really sure why it was called a play-date….there was no dating…and the kids were kinda playing….cuz we sort of organized it…and the mommies kinda liked each other…..anyway….that was me….I am sure there are many of you out there…that really enjoyed the whole play-date thing….it just was never for me.  I had my friends..a few….but that’s all you really need….a good friend and your family….

Well…looking at this picture below…it makes me happy….because…my Andrew has made a really good friend in this boy Daniel….and he spent the afternoon there……playing OUTSIDE…nothing organized…just two boys doing boy stuff…and having fun together. 

Sometimes parents forget that friendships can not be forced….I see many families….where the mommies try to force friendships between their child and another….and these friendships often are not genuine….and then it means little to nothing to the two children involved…..but for my Andrew and his new buddy, Daniel….I am so glad they met….

About Kim

My name is Kim Marino and I have been practicing as a licensed speech and language pathologist since 1993. I work on Long Island providing diagnostic evaluations and services to children from birth to age 21. My experience is vast and am proud to say that I work with children that may present with articulation and phonological concerns, oral motor feeding concerns, Down Syndrome feeding, cognitive rehabilitation, auditory processing delays, receptive language delays, cleft palate feeding and sound development and expressive language delays. Most importantly, I am the mother of four amazing children and am happily married to my childhood sweetheart. I feel blessed to have my four children and so lucky to share this journey in life with my husband. I always had it somewhere in my head that I wanted to develop a blog or a website of some sort so that I could provide families with an additional that parents could help their little ones become a better communicator. And as I was developing this blog....I realized that I also needed to share the stories about my life and my children....and the funny things along the way that help to keep me smiling. Whether you are a working mother or not...finding balance between home, children and life can be a challenge....I hope that my blog helps to bring a smile to your face..and also some tools to help you help your little or big one. I hope you enjoy! Kim
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