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This post is written with great thanks to my friend and colleague, Kristen Corbett…….I love working with her…she is incredibly smart and good at what she does…and is so sweet.  Working with other providers is a great opportunity to learn new and effective strategies…..and also being able to collaborate with one another is more than beneficial for the entire team….the therapists…..teachers…parents…and the little ones.  Kristen and I are lucky enough to work together this year…..and that makes me very happy and lucky!  

One day Kristen and I were working with a little one…and she brought Hyper Dash with her….I actually had never seen it before.  Well I just love it….I had to go out and get it…..and of course I went to  I love the one click shopping…it makes life so easy. 

Well…Hyper Dash came in the mail yesterday….and all of my children love it… really is fun for the entire family…..and I am excited to also tell you from a speech and language perspective why I like it.

There are four different game options: HYPER DASH….TEAM DASHMICRO DASH AND TEAM MICRO DASH.  The first two game options are played basically the same…however…when you are using the TEAM DASH option…you obviously are on a team.

**(side note…did you know that obviously has a B in it….do you know how many people delete the B when saying the word….and say: ovious……it actually is harder to say obvious then ovious…try it.  When you say OBVIOUS….your lips have to go from a bilabial sound-using your two lips-to a labio-dental sound-your bottom lip and top teeth… this oral motor movement definitely makes the word more challenging….however….it can be done…so keep practicing…it is: OBVIOUS).


Back to the game: when you play TEAM MICRO DASH this is just like MICRO DASH…. the only difference is that you are on are on a team.

Now with the little ones…..(two…three and four….maybe even five)… will have to start with HYPER DASH….and when playing MICRO DASH….if you decide to play with your four and five-year old…..she may need help.

So let’s start off with HYPER DASH……when Kristen played this with the little one we see…I liked that she had her put the game targets (red, blue, green, yellow and orange…they also have the numbers one to five on them)… the room we were working in….so to work on colors, numbers and location/spatial concepts….she asked her to do the following (for example):

Put the yellow one ON the chair

Put the blue one UNDER the table

Put the green one IN the box

Put the red one NEXT TO Mommy

Put the orange one ON TOP of the table

Spatial concepts/location words can be challenging for little ones to understand….remember I have talked about tieing your actions and words together to help your little one understand language better.  This is a great game to tie action and words together.  If she is struggling to understand these concepts… her…..together put the targets where you requested.

Now to play HYPER DASH….once the targets are set up….the voice will tell your little one which target she has to find…and then she just places the HYPER DASH UNIT on the target….being sure to follow the direction.  My little ones played this last night and loved it…..Gregory was able to easily play this level (he is seven)… was a good starting point for him….and then we moved on to MICRO DASH.


MICRO DASH…..all of my kids loved this….my 14 year old….10 year old…..9 year old and 7-year-old.  When playing this version of the game….I would NOT set up the targets the way I suggested for HYPER DASH…..because you need to have the targets close to you.  Once you are ready to play….the unit will give you directions…..starting off easy at first…the unit will tell you the targets that you need to find…starting off with simple one step directions…and then adding more…so something like this:

Find: RED. 

Then: RED, BLUE. 




You get the idea….the game becomes progressively harder….following the same pattern each time…and then adding another command to follow. 

THIS GAME IS WONDERFUL FOR: auditory memory (remembering the verbal direction that was given to you) and auditory processing (understanding the direction that was given to you).  I like that the voice gives the direction and then says: GO….because your little one needs to know that she has to listen to the entire direction… and wait for the word GO before she strikes the targets. 

I used the following words when playing the game: Wait (tapping on their hands to wait for the direction) and saying the word: LISTEN (and tapping on their ears)…..I like to teach the little ones…and my children that they have to listen so they understand.  I have spoken about this before….children often do not know that they have to listen to actually understand what they are hearing.  We all know that we have children and maybe even husbands that listen…they hear you….but they are NOT being sure to listen so that they understand and process what you are saying.  HYPER DASH is a great game to address those skills. 

I hope you found this review helpful…thank you to Kristen for sharing with me and the little one we see!

Have fun!






Spatial concepts/location words

Following directions

Auditory Memory

Auditory Processing

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