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Being home sick today gave me the opportunity to purchase some new supplies for work-Yeah!  The game above, Ned’s Head, is incredibly fun…and boys, especially in the three to four range love this game.  Ned’s Head is great for children between three and five….and even up to six, seven, eight and nine….I think my ten year old would get a kick out of it also….but the four year olds really seem to enjoy!

I had the chance to play Ned’s Head with one of the little boys that I see.  He just had a birthday and recieved it as a present.  So the toy above is one of a few therapy toys that I just purchased today for work.  I ordered through  Through Amazon and the one click shopping…it makes ordering so simple…I like simple especially on a day when I am not feeling well.

This toy is great for vocabulary development, defining words, receptive language, expressive lanuage, turn taking, matching, understanding what the words “the same” means, and in auditory processing of language.  Ned’s Head comes with pieces that you put inside of the head…and your little one can retrieve the objects through Ned’s eyes, nose, mouth or ears.  Your little one then has to try and match the object to the one of the cards she was given before the game started.  She is looking to match the object to one of her cards…finding the SAME.  When I play this game….before the child takes the object out of the HEAD…..I like to see if she is able to figure out what object she has…just by the tactile information (feeling the object)…..if so….next I ask her to use her best describing words to describe the object that she has…..and see if the other players can guess what she has (this works on her expressive language and her ability to define words)……for the other team-mates….the players that are listening to her describing words…they have to guess what object she has.  This task works on their ability to process verbal information and improves receptive language.


To really enrich this game….use objects that you have in your home…you can use items such as: spoon, comb, toothbrush, little animal figures, ball, sock, small shoe, shirt, small bar of soap…anything small that you can fit in Ned’s head.  When adding more familiar objects…things you may find in your home….you can really challenge your little one’s ability to work on vocabulary knowledge….defining of words…..receptive language, auditory processing….and expressive language.

Just like with the HINT GAME…as posted under this post…and also found on the WORD FINDING PAGE….be sure to have your little define words like this:

SOCK (this being the object in NED’s HEAD that she is about to retrieve)

She should say:

“It is clothing (this is the object’s category), it goes on your feet and you wear it under your shoes.” 

When working on voculary development and in the ability to define words…it is important that your little one starts off with the category the object is in….and then following with two or three describing words (attributes).


Have fun with your little one or big one!


***I purchased four other new toys for work…I will be sure to post about them when I can.  And all were purchased through 

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  1. Kim says:

    Ned enjoyed his stay!

  2. You just reminded me to get this game thank you! I saw another Therapist use it last year in an observation and I made a note to get it but never did. I have a caseload on 95% boys under 8 right now so I’m thinking this one will have the “Ew that’s gross” factor that appeals to them! Thanks for the great review ~ Kathryn

    • Kim says:

      Hi Kathryn…thank you very much. Would you mind if I posted your link on my site..I just visited yours and found some great information…I would love to pass on. Thanks Kim

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