How to make Pot Roast-What to make for Dinner?!


This recipe is another favorite of mine….and it is from my Long Grandma….the Goulash recipe I posted about is also from her.  If you did not read the Goulash recipe…then you do not know why we called her the Long Grandma

Long Grandma lived in West Hempstead, New York…and my other grandmother lived in Port Jefferson Station, New York.  We lived in Mt. Sinai, New York.  So growing up….when going to my grandmother in Port Jefferson Station….the trip was short….only about ten minutes away…….she was the Short Grandma (my Italian Grandmother…..we would go there on Sundays every once in a while….and have her home-made pasta and sauce for dinner…..if you were lucky enough…you went over early and helped her to make the pasta and sauce). 

Long Grandma, however, was about an hour away….and that seemed like forever growing up….can not imagine how many times my mom heard: “Are we there yet?”.   Long Grandma was German…and we loved her Goulash and her Pot Roast….I hope you enjoy…it is sooooooooo easy to prepare….and incredibly delicious.



Bottom Round Roast (get enough to feed your family….I could not even tell you how many pounds I get….a big one though…because ALL six of us love it!)

2 cans of Golden Mushroom Soup

2 packages of Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Heavy Duty Foil

2 Cans of Beef Gravy

Pound of Extra Wide Egg Noodles

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees


Tear off an extra long piece of the foil…enough to be able to wrap the roast like a present.

But the roast in the middle of the foil

Cover roast with 2 cans of the golden mushroom soup and the 2 packages of onion soup mix

Wrap the foil around the Roast-completely cover

Bake in oven about one hour per pound….you will know that it is done…when you open up the foil and you can shred the meat with a fork….I DO NOT slice it.  If it can not be shredded you need to cook longer.

Cook Egg Noodles

While the Egg Noodles are cooking….put the 2 cans of beef gravy in a sauce pot…pour the juices from the roast in the sauce pot…stir..and heat until boiling. 

Serve the shredded roast over egg noodles and pour gravy over the roast and noodles.


I hope you love just as much as we do… friend that gave me the Bake Chick Peas recipe loves this recipe too…..she has added potatoes and carrots to the roast while baking.  We never had it like this growing up…but I have following her recommendation and love the way the potatoes and carrots taste!



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