Best toys for Speech therapy

Crayola Beginnings Baby Drop and See


This toy is for children 9 months and up….and I have to say that the children I see…even up to two and a half and three years of age…they love to play with it!  It comes with three different balls…red, orange and blue…and it is a cause and effect toy… first the child puts the ball into the top opening….next she has to push the sun down to make the ball roll towards the bird…then she has to push the bird down and the ball rolls towards the cat….and finally…..she has to pull down on the cat (this requires a little assistance even for the two and a half-year olds)….and the ball rolls out of the toy….and the child hears: Ta-Da-Ta-Doodle!

I personally like this toy when working on following simple directives….you can tie the action with your language…this is something I continually talk about…tieing your words with your action will help your little one to understand language better.  So when I play the game with a little one…I hand her one of the balls…identify the color of course….ask her to put the ball in…if she can not understand this direction…I say ball in as I help her to put the ball in the opening at the top of the toy. 

After the ball is in the toy….I say: Push Sun….now most of the little ones that are having difficulty in the understanding of language….can not understand this direction…so hand over hand…..I help her to push the sun….now the ball rolls towards the bird.  Next….I ask her to push bird…..if she can’t I help her…hand over hand we push down on the bird…and finally….I say….pull down cat (as I said this one is the most difficult…but eventually she will understand the direction). 

When playing with this toy I like to also address…first…next…and last.  First you push the sun…next you push the bird…and last pull down the cat.   Most importantly though…..I like to address first and next with the little ones that are having difficulty in understanding of language.  I know I have written about this before in previous posts…..what is so amazing….is that ONCE your little  one actually understands that she has to do something FIRST….and then NEXT…..she will get the desired object or choice…..she will then begin to understand turn taking, transitions, being more adaptable and flexible in a situation, deal with her frustration better….and learn that even if she is unable to verbalize her desire…and even if understanding of language is challenging….she will get what she wants….but FIRST she must complete something else. 

Some of the little ones want the reward of playing with a favorite game….a free play activity that places less language demands….so I can use this as the reward.  However, the activity I am choosing (during the therapy session) will place slightly more demands upon the little one…however…once she realizes that FIRST she completes the puzzle…and then NEXT we engage in a free play activity…she will then have an easier time with tranisitions…in dealing with her frustration and being more adaptable in certain situations……you would be amazed at how these simple words carry over into the home environment as well.

I had trouble finding this toy when I searched..but of course amazon has it. 

Have fun with your little one or big one!



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  1. Kim says:

    Thanks so much! I visited your site and love it. Would you mind if I posted a link to your site? Thanks. Kim

  2. This is a new one to me and I always love new ideas! Thanks for such a great description, I can’t wait to try it out with the kids I see!

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks Virginia I’m so happy to be helping Anna. Love Kim

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