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What is a diphthong and how to teach diphthongs

    How to teach your child to say the long A sound.  If your child is struggling to produce the long A sound as in RAIN…..please read below.  There are strategies listed below to help you help your little … Continue reading

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How to make Goulash

My German Grandmother, Rose, made the most delicious Goulash ever.  If you read in my previous post….I wrote about how happy we (me and my four siblings) were to have made the trip into West Hempstead…. because when you walked into … Continue reading

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Scripted Speech and Autism

I am not an expert on the autism spectrum disorders…..however…..I have done a lot of reading and research, have worked with many families as the speech consult on the team, have learned from many ABA special educators…..and most importantly I … Continue reading

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